Our walnuts are free from any foreign objects as they are from the most delicious area in Eastern Europe. Furthermore, Nutto Frutto has several certificates to meet the high demands of our partners.

Nutto Frutto Products

We divide our product categories in 4 groups.

Shelled walnut

We have the opportunity to meet the wishes of our partners. Our factory is capable to process the specials demands of our partners. In case there are special demands, you can contact our sales team:

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Walnut in Shell

Nutto Frutto offers Walnuts In Shell from different sizes again in the highest standards. For more information about our products In Shell you can click on the products.

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Naked Walnut

After a long research and feedback from different partners we developed a new product in the walnut branche. The so called ‘Naked’ walnut is our high quality walnuts without its skin. Think about the blanched hazelnut or almonds but for the walnuts. This is a huge innovation and a great possibility in different industries. Our ‘Naked’ walnuts are most perfect for the Coating, Roasting, and for the usage in Dairy products and Bakery purposes.

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Coated Walnut

As Nutto Frutto we have developed flavours with our delicious walnuts to create even more delicious products. Our coated walnuts are available in Organic or Conventional origin. Besides our excisting coated products we have the opporunity to meet your special demands. You can ask our sales team for the possibilities

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Within these categories it is possible to purchase walnuts from organic or conventional origin. The process of both walnuts are seperate from each other.