Superfood: Walnuts

The walnut which has so many benefits for body and brain health is a nutritional source waiting to be discovered. Two-thirds of it consists of beneficial fats which are essential for a person’s health. These are fats that must be consumed for a healthy life.

The walnut which is consumed with joy by many people, is among the rich protein sources. There are 15 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber in 100 grams of walnuts. Digesting these fibers is easy. The walnut, also known for its shape similar to the human brain, has a positive effect on the human brain and intelligence. Studies have shown that it has a positive effect on learning ability.

Walnut is a food source used in the treatment of many diseases, especially cancer, by strengthening the immune system. It is a powerful antioxidant and a food which is good for the heart.

The walnut is commonly consumed in dried form. In addition, it is consumed with meals. The most frequent area of use is in cakes, cookies and desserts. It does not lose its protein value, whatever way it is consumed.

Known as liver-friendly, the walnut is a food that can be found in every kitchen. It is the biggest assistant of the liver in detoxifying ammonia with the amino acids it contains. It is also high in glutathione and omega-3 fatty acids that support liver detoxification and weight gain. Because of this, daily consumption of the walnut may benefit the liver.

Walnuts have no side effects at all and are one of the safest foods for people’s health. The results of studies on eating a handful of walnuts daily prove this. Walnuts are the most consumed nuts, since they are added to meals in the kitchen and used in desserts and cookies. It’s most prominent feature is the benefit for arteriosclerosis and diabetes. Walnuts have a very important position in terms of strengthening bone health, preventing possible gall bladder diseases and the treatment of epilepsy.

The only beneficial element of walnuts is not merely its fruit. Its shell and water have many established benefits. Walnut shells are used for lots of reasons such as hair and skin care, strengthening the immune system, the elimination of digestive system disorders and diabetes etc.

Walnut water is as beneficial for health as its fruit. It has a big effect on especially diabetes patients with regard to preventing weight gain. A glass of walnut water drunk on an empty stomach every morning helps balance sugar levels and helps the body to provide the energy it needs thereby preventing the need for consuming additional food.

We advise people of all ages to consume a certain amount of walnuts daily for a healthy and long life.

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