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We, as Nutto Frutto, are manufacturer of Organic Walnuts based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In this newsletter you will have a look inside our company, our goals and the upcoming fairs.

After our last participation to the Nordic Organic Fair in Malmö/Sweden, we are intending to continue our journey with other food fairs all over the world.

In October 2020 Nutto Frutto will attend the SIAL in Paris as we did in 2018 as well. Before Paris we will attend the Expo East Show in Philadelphia, USA. As personal contact and face to face communication is one of our main pillars, we are looking forward to meeting our American business partners once again there.

Unfortunately, we are dealing with a huge health crisis in the world. Nevertheless, as Nutto Frutto, we are maintaining and even growing our production capacity in 2020. We wish this crisis will be over soon and everyone will return to their all-day life.



In November of 2019, Nutto Frutto attended the Nordic Organic Fair in Malmö for the first time in their existence. Besides a big section for the food companies the organization also provided a certain area for cosmetic products on an organic basis. The whole fair was a big Organic Show.

Just like many other companies, Nutto Frutto was also present to showcase it’s own Organic Walnuts to the Scandinavian Market. Not only our Raw Walnuts but also our wide range of delicious coated walnuts were presented to the participants. We succeeded in creating new and unique taste combinations in our coated walnuts assortment thanks to the Naked Walnut. This innovative product is named as such since we blanched the walnut.

By removing its skin we avoid the slightly bitter taste of the walnut. By coating the Naked Walnut the consumer will fully enjoy the taste combinations which we newly created.
During this fair, we had the opportunity to share our innovations and enjoy the enthusiasm of our visitors who tasted them. These contacts resulted in new business relationships in the Scandinavian Region which made us very happy and proud.

Directly after the Nordic Organic Fair our new crop deliveries started. Our first truck entered the Netherlands in November 2019 and soon the rest followed. We are happy to announce that our production facilities are fully occupied thanks to the orders which are placed until the end of this season. For the next season, we are planning to increase our capacity and expand our fully automated production lines. This will contribute to our Just-In-Time management. 



The Dutch Internet medium BioJournaal, who focus on Organic based companies in the Netherlands and Belgium, published a reportage on their daily newsletter. In this newsletter we informed their readers about our company goals and the future expectations. 

Furthermore, we introduced the Naked Walnut. This new product was an eyecatcher during the fair in Malmö. We informed the readers about the developments in our market. 

With the cooperation of media platforms such as BioJournaal we are able to inform business relations more about our products and our company. We are grateful for the performance of BioJournaal in The Netherlands and Belgium. 

You can find the newsletter of BioJournaal through the following link


Our yearly capacity of 4000 Tons will be 6000 to 7000 Tons in 2020. Besides increasing our capacity in raw walnuts, our company aims to increase its sales target regarding the Naked Walnut. With the feedback and requests of our business partners, we will develop and create more delicious tastes with the Naked Walnut. 

Further details about our presence on the several fairs will follow on our website and social media accounts. If you want to be present during these shows, please contact our office for further questions. For now, save the date for both fairs:

– 23-26 September in Philadelphia/USA
– 18-22 October in Paris/France

For further questions and inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact Nutto Frutto by sending an e-mail to or your direct sales person.

Thank you for the cooperation, stay safe and eat healthy!

Nutto Frutto








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