What Is The Origin Of Your Walnuts?

Nutto Frutto has its project in Eastern Europe, Ukraine. We supply our Organic Walnuts from Ukraine.

Are Your Walnuts Machine Or Hand-Cracked?

At the moment, we are only selling hand-cracked walnuts. We don’t exclude walnuts which are machine cracked.

Do You Sell Certified Organic Products?

Nutto Frutto is certified by the international authorized organization EcoCert. Our Organic Project is checked multiple times annually. Furthermore, we are certified by SKAL in the Netherlands.

Do You Only Sell Bulk Walnuts?

Our company strategy is to sell walnuts in bulk. We have a minimum order quantity which is 10mt.

How Are The Walnuts Packed?

There are 2 types of packaging. Vacuumed with and without nitrogen gas. Each box contains 2 x 5kg of walnuts packed in PE bags. Each pallet contains 64 boxes.

How Is Transport Arranged?

We transport our walnuts in regular trucks throughout the year. From June till September we use conditioned transport to deliver our walnuts. In a regular truck, we load 21120 Kg and in the conditioned truck we load 20000 Kg.

How Is The Quality Maintained Of The Walnuts?

During the production, we use the most progressed equipment. This allows us to process the walnuts in the best possible way. Rotten, shell, membrane, dust, or mold will not occur due to our advanced process. Before each loading, we are bound to analyze the loaded walnuts. In case the product is kept regarding the storage conditions as mentioned on our packages, there won’t occur any problem with our walnuts.

What Are The Sizes And Types Of Your Walnuts?

Our walnuts are divided into colors and sizes. The colors are divided into extra light, light, light amber, amber, dark amber. the sizes of the walnuts are divided into separate categories. In the walnut halves category, you have a percentage for the number of halves inside a package. 90%-80%-70%-60%-50%-40%-30%-20% In the quarters’ category you can either choose for the quarters 100% or the quarters and pieces. Nutto Frutto can chop or mix the walnuts in each size you want. From walnut flour/powder to halves. Each size and color is available. There is also the possibility to order blanched walnuts, the so-called naked walnut.

Is Nutto Frutto The Source Of The Walnuts?

Our company works together with our local farmer partners which we train and educate each year to help them to grow and to maintain the best possible quality with the organic walnuts. We have our factory where the process takes place. Our sales office in Rotterdam is basically to bring the source of the walnuts closer to many companies who are sourcing walnuts.